Winner of iShowU Contest!

As many of you know, Apple Universe has been holding a contest for a free copy of shinywhitebox’s iShowU. To enter the contest, you send in an email with a video or link to a video saying why you want or need a copy of iShowU, the greatest screen capture software for Mac OS.

With the contest having reached its end, I am very pleased to announce that Jonathan Davies, of England, is the winner of the contest!

The reason Jonathan won is because in the U.K, it is much more difficult to get software at US prices. Jonathan is a great blogger, and I hope iShowU helps him with his video needs!

Apple Universe would like to thank everyone who sent in their videos for the contest, but I’d also like to mention that there still is one more chance to win a FREE copy iShowU! Details are to be announced soon.

Happy Macworld!

Apple Universe Contest [Update]

As you all know, I said 2 blog posts ago that there is a Apple Universe contest coming up! Well, today during the recording, I talked about the contest. Now I am going to blog about it.

shinywhitebox, the maker of iShowU, is a sponsor of Apple Universe. Neil from shinywhitebox has agreed to give me 2 serial numbers to iShowU. So now it is contest time.

Here is what you have to do:

Make a less then 5 minute video telling me, Daniel, why you need and/or want iShowU, the best video capturing software! If you can, upload that video to YouTube, and if you can’t, either way, email me at with the link to the YouTube video or the video as an attachment. I will watch every video that I get.

I wish everyone the best of luck, and let the best video win!

Daniel Brusilovsky
Host and Producer, Apple Universe

Apple Universe Contest

Hey Apple Universe Listeners,Its been a while since I last did a blog post about Apple Universe, but I have some great news! As you know, one of my sponsors, shinywhitebox, has graciously agreed to give 2 licences to iShowU. Here is some info about iShowU:

For you, the user

  • Simple – iShowU is designed specifically to be easy to use. If you don’t want to customize anything, it’ll work straight out of the tin. All you have to do is hit ‘Record’ and you’ll have a nice little video on your desktop in no time. 
  • Universal Binary – Native speed, no matter what Mac you own. 
  • Records any audio – iShowU can record both from a microphone source (so that you can call the action), and also from the standard system output* of your Mac. One click is all it takes. 
  • User specified capture size – The user can easily specify the size of the video to be captured, using an intuitive ‘see through’ video preview. Just drag the corners around to specify the size, and hit enter. 
  • Pause / Resume – When recording you’re free to pause and then resume the capture at any time. Great if the phone rings half way through your work. 
  • Fixed or follow mouse modes – Sometimes you’ll want the capture rectangle (think of it as a movie camera that tracks your mouse) to follow the mouse, and other times, you’ll want to capture just one area of the screen. iShowU can do both. 
  • Mouse Capture – You can choose to capture mouse movement during your video. Unlike other capture systems, the mouse is recorded in a separate high resolution video track (that takes almost zero memory), so even if you’re only capturing half a frame a second, mouse movement is liquid smooth. If you want to record a movie for playback on something other than QuickTime, iShowU can record the mouse per-frame as well. 
  • Presets – Create as many different settings as you like, for different types of recording. This allows you to quickly switch between different recording modes with a single click. 
  • Leopard – iShowU already works with it 
  • As visible as you want – or not – You have full control over whether iShowU has an icon in the dock, automatically hides itself when you begin recording and whether or not it shows up in the status bar. Make it visible so you can see recording status, or hide it completely. Up to you.

Want control over your video capture? – try these

  • Capture scaling – When capturing, you can downsize the video to 75 or 50% of it’s original size. 
  • Support for key/non-keyframes – iShowU can encode using I/B/P frames – meaning that captured movies are much smaller (note: only some codecs, H264 in particular support this). 
  • Self tuning capture performance – iShowU monitors it’s own capture performance. If the effective capture throughput is lower than expected (for example, due to the choice of encoder or system load), it will automatically lower the capture rate so that it doesn’t consume graphics resources if the encoder cannot keep up. It will also increase the capture rate if more system resources are available. 
  • User defined audio/video quality – While internet connections are getting faster, it’s still going to take a while to transfer a 5GB movie to your Mum. iShowU compresses audio using AAC, and video using whatever method you think it appropriate (it defaults to H264). In addition, you can specify the quality of the video to your liking. 
  • Choose your video format – If it’s supported by quicktime, it’s supported by iShowU. Realtime H.264 compression struggling a bit on the G4? Use Apple Anumation. iShowU lets you choose what works for you. 
  • Custom frame rates – When there’s not much going on (i.e: you’re not moving the mouse, just speaking) iShowU will capture at a lesser frame rate. When you start moving the mouse around (and the capture rectangle follows it) then it’ll use a faster frame rate so that the motion looks smooth. Saves on bandwidth too! 
  • Multiple screen support – Works with any screen configuration, and automatically reconfigures itself on the fly – even if you change the screen configuration while recording. 

 As you can see, iShowU is jam packed with really cool features! On Apple Universe Episode #82, Ben Higginbotham and I talked about iShowU for about 10 minutes! Check out the episode here: LINK.Thank you Neil from shinywhitebox for this opportunity. I will announce the contest on Apple Universe #85!