Apple Universe Contest [Update]

As you all know, I said 2 blog posts ago that there is a Apple Universe contest coming up! Well, today during the recording, I talked about the contest. Now I am going to blog about it.

shinywhitebox, the maker of iShowU, is a sponsor of Apple Universe. Neil from shinywhitebox has agreed to give me 2 serial numbers to iShowU. So now it is contest time.

Here is what you have to do:

Make a less then 5 minute video telling me, Daniel, why you need and/or want iShowU, the best video capturing software! If you can, upload that video to YouTube, and if you can’t, either way, email me at with the link to the YouTube video or the video as an attachment. I will watch every video that I get.

I wish everyone the best of luck, and let the best video win!

Daniel Brusilovsky
Host and Producer, Apple Universe

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