Winner of iShowU Contest!

As many of you know, Apple Universe has been holding a contest for a free copy of shinywhitebox’s iShowU. To enter the contest, you send in an email with a video or link to a video saying why you want or need a copy of iShowU, the greatest screen capture software for Mac OS.

With the contest having reached its end, I am very pleased to announce that Jonathan Davies, of England, is the winner of the contest!

The reason Jonathan won is because in the U.K, it is much more difficult to get software at US prices. Jonathan is a great blogger, and I hope iShowU helps him with his video needs!

Apple Universe would like to thank everyone who sent in their videos for the contest, but I’d also like to mention that there still is one more chance to win a FREE copy iShowU! Details are to be announced soon.

Happy Macworld!

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