Update: Apple Universe

So I haven’t blogged for while, but don’t worry, I am still here! Apple Universe has been doing fantastically well!

Today I released Apple Universe Episode #58 with RareEdge DesignRareEdge makes products like Twitteroo for Twitter, and Jaikeroo for Jaiku. Since Twitter is my favorite social network on the internet, I had to have my favorite Twitter Client on the show! Now Eric Willis and Nicole Wopperer are real good friends of mine! Nicole actually has some pretty good connections, if you know what I mean :). Nicole is the designer, and Eric is the programmer. They are some of the coolest people I have meet on the internet, and maybe in life!

With that all said, here are some of the latest stats for Apple Universe. For the month of September, Apple Universe has had a record 3,281 downloads! The best day being September 21st with 444 downloads! I just want to thank everyone for there support, and making Apple Universe a great podcast! Today I check the iTunes page for Apple Universe, and the popularity bar is all the way up! I took a photo of this, and posted it on Flickr!

Thanks for downloading and listening,

Host and Producer, Apple Universe

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