Twitter: Open or Closed

When it comes to social networking, we all know and love the networks. I mean, come one now….who doesn’t have a Twitter, a Facebook or even a MySpace account? You may just think that it is a place to get connected with friends, which it is, but do you really think, when you are on Facebook, that you are “socially networking”? Being that I am a kind of person who likes to stay connected and meet knew people in the business, I am trying to be more “open”.Everyone knows that I LOVE Twitter. It is my favorite social networking, and Twittterific is the first application to start up on my Mac. For me, Twitter is a way of knowing what my friends are doing. Although I may not know all of these “friends” by face, I “follow” them. To follow a person means to request to see their “tweets”, or updates on their activities..

For a while now, I have kept my updates protected, only letting people that I know, or whom I heard of, follow me. I don’t do this to hide feelings of anything like that; I do it to stay safe on the internet. There are people like Robert Scoble, Jason Calacanis who let anyone who wants to follow them. Then that comes to me. Why don’t I let everyone follow me? I don’t write any bad tweets, or anything like that. What I do write about is new blog posts, new Apple Universe episodes, when I leave and come back, and those types of things.

That is why I wonder why I still keep my updates protected. As much as I want to open my Twitter, there is still a thought about something happening that I don’t know about. What do you think?Do you think that Twitter should be open? Should I open my tweets to anyone who wants to see them? In the end, it just brings more traffic to Apple Universe, my blog, and any other links that I add.

Please let me now your opinons – reply in a comment below, or email me at