The Time I Met Steve Jobs

Over the last few hours, I’ve spent some time reflecting on the news that really shocked the world — Steve Jobs had passed away. Just six weeks before he passed, he officially resigned from Apple, the company he helped start and led for so many years. He really gave it his all, up until the very last bit he could.

As I was thinking about what Steve had done, there was one memory that had kept coming back to me. The time I got to meet, and shake Steve Jobs’s hand. It wasn’t until after that encounter that people started telling me that Steve doesn’t shake anyone’s hand. I felt honored. I felt lucky.

It was 2007, and Steve Jobs had just gotten off the stage at Macworld after he had announced the revolutionary iPhone. We were all blown away by this device. I was sitting towards the back of the room with my good friend Adam Jackson, when we both decided to head up front and see what all the hubbub was about. It turns out Steve was in front of the stage chatting with some folks.

Keep in mind, in 2007 I was only 14, so I was still quite small and could maneuver around a crowd much better then others. There was a large group of people, and I snuck under all of them. As I turned around, Steve Jobs was standing right in front of me being escorted out. I quickly said “thank you!” and put out my hand, and he said “you’re welcome,” smiled, shook my hand, and ran off.

That is a moment I will never forget, and I will cherish for the rest of my life. We will always remember you, Steve. Thank you for everything.

Some Updates (Updated)

After taking a few months off since February, I’ve had a lot of time to think and reflect on these last few months, and choose my next steps going forward.

I’ve tried to stay off the grid as much as possible in terms of public events and such, but I’m excited that I’m starting to ramp up my speaking engagements, starting off with Tomorrow’s Web at the end of this month in San Francisco. Sure, Tomorrow’s Web maybe a competitor to the Teens in Tech Conference, but in the end, we’re aiming for the same mission, so I’m gladly going to help where I can to achieve our mission. Grant and his team have put in a lot of work into Tomorrow’s Web, so I’m excited for the upcoming event! I’ve also got three 20% off conference ticket codes that the first three people can use. If you want to attend Tomorrow’s Web on Saturday, July 31, use the code “DANIELBRU” when checking out, and your ticket price will be deducted 20%!

I’m really excited to announce that at Tomorrow’s Web, during my talk, on stage, I’ll be announcing two new exciting things that Teens in Tech is working on, as well as side project that Michael Costigan and I have been working on.

Also, since stepping down as CEO of Teens in Tech Networks, I’ve had a lot more free time to think about the future of the Teens in Tech Conference with my business partner Sam Levin. In the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing some exciting news from the company that I’ve been hinting at on my Twitter feed.

Not to be left out, of course, that I’ll be starting college in a few weeks as well, which I am more then excited about. I’m more excited about the courses that I’ll be taking, like Video Production, Digital Video Editing, and more!

Another thing that I’m excited about, is the launch of iPhone Case Finder. Much like its sister site, iPhone Case Finder is all about finding iPhone cases that are right for you, the user. We’ve been focusing on iPhone 4 cases, after the whole “Antennagate” issue, so if you need an iPhone 4 case, iPhone Case Finder is your place. Check out the site, and let me know what you think!

I’m really excited for the future, and I hope that you all can join me in it!

Update: So after some miscommunication, and disorganization, Tomorrow’s Web was unfortunately canceled. Hopefully next time around, they can prevent the issues.

Speaking at Macworld 2010

I’ve been holding this news back for a few weeks, and I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at the next Macworld in San Francisco from February 9-13, 2010. It may or may not be the last year of the Macworld Conference and Expo, but I’m very honored to be speaking at the conference. I’ve been going to the Macworld conference since 2006, and being the Apple fanboy that I am, it’s always fun, with or without Apple being part of the fun. I’ll be speaking at the Users Conference on February 12, 2010. My topic is called “Youth and Educational Tools” and I’ll be speaking on a variety of topics, from the iPhone, to Blackberry’s, to the Mac/Windows debate, and how this affects the youth, and especially the schools.

With more and more of the next generation bringing devices like the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, and other devices to school, what do teens really do with these devices? What’s hot and what’s not with the Mac and the iPhone/iPod? Hear from a high school senior employed in the tech industry how this is already changing schools and classrooms across the globe.With more and more of the next generation bringing devices like the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, and other devices to school, what do teens really do with these devices? What’s hot and what’s not with the Mac and the iPhone/iPod? Hear from a high school senior employed in the tech industry how this is already changing schools and classrooms across the globe.

I’ll be speaking on February 12, 2010 from 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM, so if your around at Macworld, come on by to my session! I can assure that it won’t be something you’ll want to miss. See you at Macworld 2010!

WWDC 2009

With WWDC, Apple’s developer conference less then one month away, it’s time to get prepared. You’re probably wondering: admission costs more than $1,000, and you have to sign an NDA just to attend the conference sessions. Most developers who go say it’s worthwhile, but all the Apple fanboys/girls look forward to one key event during the whole show: the keynote.

Sam Levin (@samlevin), and I will be reporting live from the first couple of rows at the WWDC keynote this year. Apple said, and I quote “if you have a camera, we’d need you to be in the pit with the rest of b-cast (so I suggest leaving the camera in your bag and just blogging). Speaking of, live blogging is fine but we ask that there is no live video or audio of the keynote.” So that ruins my plans of Qikking the entire keynote, but we’ll still be live blogging and live tweeting the entire event.

What I’ll probably do is just run a blog post and send updates and add pictures as we go. Engadget‘s got the live blogging down, as well as TechCrunch, so we’ll give it a go here!

More updates to come…

GMail vs.

I recently ran into a big problem with, my favorite email client for the Mac. I was writing a pretty long email (about two pages long) to the Teens in Tech Board. I was talking with our PR Advisor, Jeremy Pepper, and asked him to look over the message. I hit save as draft thinking the email would save, and closed the window. Little did I know that did not save the message, and my whole letter was lost. I spent almost one hour working on this email, and was pretty frustrated when I found out it was gone for good. Continue reading “GMail vs.”

Why I’m still using Firefox

After the Safari 4 Public Beta was announced on February 24, I spent a little while playing around with it, exploring its new features. I started out as a Safari user, but because of its limitations and lack of certain features, I eventually switched to Mozilla Firefox, which in my opinion is much more reliable and feature-rich, and the Safari 4 beta hasn’t proved to be worthwhile enough to switch.


One of the main setbacks of using Safari it its omission of one critical feature: session recovery. If Safari crashes, and I have 30 tabs open, I can say good bye to those tabs, while Firefox will simply continue with the pages I had open upon its next launch. Sure, there are third-party extensions out there that implement session recovery in Safari, but I prefer how Firefox has the feature built in. I have never lost a session with Firefox, and that’s one of the main reasons why I still use Firefox today.


What Apple does well with all their product is looks, and Safari is no exception. Safari does not fail in the appearance category, but Firefox is still a winner. The default theme might not seem so pretty, but there are currently 235 themes you can choose from (with more to come). Because I miss the Safari look, I went with a Safari theme for Firefox called iFox Metal. Now I have the look of Safari, but the power and features of Firefox.


Yes, I am a Apple fanboy, and that’s my primary community, but Mozilla has a dedicated community for Firefox users. Sure Apple has millions of users and reaches out to the users with their amazing products. Mozilla has dedicated a lot of resources for user interaction and feedback, where Apple has almost none. Has Apple ever sponsored any events? Mozilla does tons of user outreach, where Apple is very self-centered; what Steve says goes.

Those are the main three reason why the new Safari 4 hasn’t matched Mozilla Firefox for my day-to-day use. Hopefully both Apple and Mozilla will take this feedback to heart and use it to improve their respective browser products.

What’s your favorite browser and why? What’s your new favorite Safari 4 feature? What’s your favorite add-on or theme for Firefox? Leave a comment below and let us know!

iPhone App: Random Facts [UPDATED]

Ever since the launch of the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch, some amazing apps have been released. One of the coolest that was just released is Random Facts.

Random Facts contains a database of hundreds of bizarre and interesting facts. Just tap on “Random Fact!” and you’ll be presented one randomly. Did you know karaoke means “buy this app” in Japanese? That’s not true, but with this app you’ll learn what karaoke really translates too. For less then a dollar Random Facts will provide entertainment for you and your friends for hours. [Official Description from App Store]

The application was developed by 16 year old Adam Debreczeni of CrossWireStudio. Adam Debreczeni is the founder of CrossWireStudio, co-host of TechToday, and the host of CrossWire. He also develops iPhone applications in his free time.

Overall, I think this app is a great idea. There isn’t another applications like this, that gives you random facts. Some of these facts are really interesting. Here are some examples:

  • Did you know that the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper?
  • Did you know that you burn more calories sleeping, then watching TV?
  • Did you know that the first product to have a bar code was Wrigley’s gum?
  • Did you know that money isn’t made out of paper; its made out of cotton!

Well, you will know now thanks to Adam Debreczeni’s Random Facts. Check it out on the App Store. Adam has graciously agreed to give one lucky reader a free copy of Random Facts! To enter into the drawing you must leave a comment on this post with:

  1. Some form of commentary with actual content (ie. no spam)
  2. Must include a valid email address

The last day that you can leave a comment to enter into the giveaway is next Sunday, October 19! Good luck!

Have you found any fun yet educational (or vice versa) apps in the App Store? Share your voice in the comments or in a Seesmic video reply.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Tyler Johansen for winning the free version of Random Facts!

iGot iPhone

On Saturday July 12, 2008, my parents and I went to the Apple Store Burlingame to purchase the new Apple iPhone 3G. We stood in line for about 3 hours, and then another hour in the store to activate the phones.

When all said and done, it was time to formally un-box my new iPhone 3G. I did get the White 16 GB iPhone 3G, instead of the Black 16 GB. I talked to Robert Scoble the night before, and he convinced me to get the White version. My mom did get a 8 GB Black iPhone 3G. I am still teaching her how to use everything, but she is getting the hand of it. Below are videos from walking into the store, and un-boxing our new iPhones!

Continue reading “iGot iPhone”

What iPhone Are You Getting?

The date is getting nearer. July 11th, 2008 is the day we are waiting for. I have waited over 1 year for this day, and it is almost here!

iPhone 3G Launch Widget by Daniel Brusilovsky, on Flickr

I even downloaded a countdown widget for my dashboard with a timer until the iPhone Launch. I think this is one of the coolest widgets someone has ever made!

I recently asked Twitter a question:

Twitter / Daniel Brusilovsky: Twitter Poll: Who is gettin...

I wanted to share some responses to the “tweet,” and then talk about myself.


If you would like to see a full list, please click here.

Personally, I have not fully decided on which version of the iPhone 3G to get, but I would really love to get the 16 GB model in black. I feel that 8 GB is not enough for all the music, video, and all the applications I want to put on my future iPhone. I wish there was a 32 GB version, that was $300.00 USD, but I guess I will have to wait.

I recently spoke with Michael Johnston, Editor-in-Chief of iPhone Alley, and interviewed him via audio chat. Our interview is below:

Michael Johnston Interview from Daniel Brusilovsky on Vimeo

Once I figure out which model I will be getting, I will update this post. So, leave your comments below, and let us know what model of the iPhone 3G you will be getting!

UPDATE: I will be getting the 16 GB Black Apple iPhone on July 11th, 2008.