New Apple Universe Web Site

The time has come! The Apple Universe Podcast is now LIVE at! It has been a long journey, and all of the work has been more than worthwhile. I just want to take a minute to introduce the team, and share a little background about each member.

Richard Escobedo – Executive Web Architect, Executive Director of Web Design

Richard joined the Apple Universe team in late January of 2008 to help oversee the development of the Apple Universe Website. Richard comes to Apple Universe as an avid tech blogger, web developer, and entrepreneur. He is CEO of his own media company, Richard Escobedo Networks, as well as Founder of SunFox, a multi-platform web based e-mail client. Richard brings a year of WordPress development, knowledge, and creativity to the table, as well as over two years of design and web development experience. Richard loves playing football, in fact he’s been starting on the ‘A’ team for the past two years, and plans on playing JV football his freshman year; in addition, he enjoys watching movies, and reading. For more info about Richard, check out his blog, which he writes in prolifically, or drop him a line via e-mail at

Michael Perlman – Blog Editor

Michael Perlman is a technology lover who maintains several Web sites and produces a podcast of his own, and appreciates the occasional ski trip. Michael joined Apple Universe in January of 2008, and has worked with Daniel as the editor on Daniel’s blog. Michael lives in New York City, and is currently a junior in high school. Michael can be contacted through the contact page on his site (and also via various instant messaging protocols, as outlined on that page; he just asks that you mention you found him on the Apple Universe Web site).

Mike Cohen – Server Engineering

Mike joined the Apple Universe Web Team in January of 2008. Mike is the person responsible for the server and hosting of Apple Universe. Mike is a truly a great member of the team, and a much appreciated asset. Mike is a software developer and web designer based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with over 20 years of programming experience in C, C++, Objective C, PHP, MySQL, Java, Visual Basic, and AppleScript. Mike specializes in Macintosh and Linux, but also has experience with Windows. Currently, Mike works for Absolute Software developing security and asset management products for the Mac. Mike also runs the popular Apple news site, MacMegasite, for which Daniel is one of the lead writers. Mike can be contacted via email.

Once again, thank you very much to the team all your help.

Visitors, let us know what you think of the web site. Myself and the team work hard to meet your expectations, and we definitely want to hear from you. Leave a comment, or drop a line at the contact page.

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