Drop.io releases Twitter Support

Drop.io, Inc., the simple private sharing solution, today Drop.io started testing a new set of features to enhance Drop.io’s file sharing experience, making it faster and easier for users to privately share and store pictures, videos, audio, documents, and other digital content with family, friends, colleagues and work groups. In early June 2008, Drop.io introduced support with Scribd, the leading platform for online document publishing, announced today a partnership to offer rich document conversion and viewing within private drop.io ‘drops’.

Headlining the package of new Drop.io features is the integration of Twitter’s social
networking and micro-blogging platform to enable ‘real-time’ sharing of files uploaded to a drop through a user’s personalized Twitter stream.

I got the opportunity to speak with CEO, Sam Lessin, regarding the Twitter support. “We are excited to be testing our Twitter output (or, as we call it tweet.io)… Drop.io, as a simple private information switch already had all of the infrastructure in place to enable Twitter with all sorts of media inputs, from video and pictures to documents, audio, voicemail, etc… the integration is certainly really cool – and we are really excited to see how people will use it – but as a company really just look at it as another ‘output’ just like email alerts or RSS feeds”

The Twitter support with Drop.io is up and running. For more information, please head over to Drop.io’s web site.

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