Moving to the Mac!

As you all know, I have been a Mac fan for a while. I still do own two Windows PCs though. I have an HP Pavillion 753n and a Voodoo AMD Gaming Machine that Robert Scoble gave to me.

After talking to my parents, we have decided that there is no point having one PC in the closet, and one PC being used. So, in conclusion, we have decided that I will be moving to the PowerBook G4 full time.

I received my Apple Wireless Keyboard yesterday, and I also have a Logitech LX 7 wireless mouse, and a Gem 17″ Display, which will all be connected to the Mac to make a full set-up. My Alesis MultiMix 8 USB mixer will be connected to the Mac, and the MXL microphone will be used as my main microphone.

If you have any questions, please email me at

P.S. A keyboard update will come soon!

4 thoughts on “Moving to the Mac!

  1. Excellent choice my friend! There are no more excuses for NOT having a Mac these days. For those extremely rare times that I do actually need windows to do something I have Parallels 3.0 with Windows XP so that I can run OS X AND XP at the same time.



  2. Is there any particular reason for moving to Mac? Someone mentioned “there are no more excuses for NOT having a Mac,” but I wonder what the excuse is for having one?

    It’s a closed propietary thing, while there are so many alternatives out there.


  3. Domus,

    The reason is,

    I already have a lot of clutter on my desk. I had my PC keyboard/mouse, monitor, mixer, and my Mac. Now all I have is my monitor, PowerBook G4, and the new Apple keyboard and mouse.

    I again have more room to write, and for homework.

    I hope you understand!


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