Apple Universe Update

Hey Everyone,

I really am sorry that I haven’t been updating my blog as much as I really wanted to. Well, its Sunday night, 11:45 PM, and I have my PowerBook G4 on my lap, and I am writing a blog post…this is the life!Now I understand why Robert Scoble does this a lot 🙂 

I have done a lot with Apple Universe lately. I have done a lot of interviews including Cali Lewis, John C. Dvorak, Alan Levy, and regular news episodes. Please check out the podcast either on the web, or on the iTunes Store. If you do want to find Apple Universe on the iTunes Store, type in Apple Universe with Daniel Brusilovsky, and it should come up!Thanks again for all the support! I really do appreciate it!

In other news, Apple Universe has 2 new sponsors! I will do a blog post about the new sponsors tonight!

Thanks again,

Daniel Brusilovsky 

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