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Since I got my new mac…I had a couple of moments to try out some software on Leopard. One of these being Qumana. Here is a little about Qumana from thir website:

Qumana Software, Inc. (www.qumana.com) is a leading developer of tools and services for bloggers. Qumana’s industry recognized tools include: Qumana, a blog editor for online publishing; Q Reader (Lektora), an RSS Reader; and Q Ads, an advertising network for bloggers integrated into the Qumana tool.

Qumana Software develops tools for every blogger: PC & Mac, experienced & novice, and multi-lingual. Qumana Software is headquartered in Vancouver, BC.

So far, I really like Qumana, but you never know 🙂

There will be more information about my new mac to come in the future!


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