Now on!

I am getting to really know lifecasting, and LIVE broadcasting. I started LIVE broadcasting yesterday morning on The channel is here. About 1 hour ago, I made an account on Here is a little about from their website:

“Founded October 10, 2006, is a new media company quickly becoming the destination for live video online. At you can watch broadcasters from around the world, chat with friends, or start your own live video channel!”

The team is as follows:

  • Justin Kan, Founder and President
  • Michael Seibel, CEO
  • Emmett Shear, CTO
  • Kyle Vogt, VP Engineering
  • Jacob Woodward, Chief Designer
  • Phil Reyneri, Community Manager, Production Assistant
  • William Bland, Developer

Here are some features from

Live Video Portal:’s video portal provides a unique and easy way to browse live video streams featuring interesting people, places, and events from around the world. We have created one of the coolest ways to quickly find great content that suits your tastes.

Personalized Channel Pages: broadcasters have complete control over the look of their channel page. Whether they want to add custom graphics, change their color scheme, or embed useful widgets in their profile section; broadcasters are able to fully customize their page and make it their own.

Archive Video: Live video is ephemeral without some method of viewing past content. Our archive system automatically saves all video streams and allows viewers to easily navigate through a channel’s history. Viewers can create highlight clips which can be linked to, shared, and embedded anywhere on the Internet for all their friends to see.

To access the archive player, click the “Browse Archives” link on the top of the channel page. Chose the date and time of the archive you wish to view. Use the controls at the bottom of the player to Pause, Full Screen, Mute, Download, and create a Highlight Clip or Episode.

Embedded Video Player: Using flash technology, the video player can be embedded on any website or MySpace profile to stream both live and archived material. To embed the video player, simply click the “Embed” button that appears beneath the live video player.

Chat and Community: The interactive chat window allows anyone to chat with other viewers and publishers around the world. Live chat creates a new level of interaction between broadcaster and viewer, making for much more engaging content and audience involvement. prides itself on maintaining a strong community of viewers and broadcasters that make our site what it is. Our community is responsible for submitting the best highlights, helping new users find the most interesting content, and keeping the site a fun and friendly place for everyone.

Upcoming Events: Upcoming Events allow broadcasters to inform viewers of what’s going on during future live streams. Keep up on broadcaster events to decide when to tune in, or simply check back later to view the archive footage.”

What I am trying to say is, don’t be afraid to show your face! As a podcaster, you only get to hear my voice, but with Ustream and, you get to hear my voice and see me! Please check out my 2 streams here:

~Daniel Brusilovsky

4 thoughts on “Now on!

  1. I’ve been really out of it. The last time I visited it was still only Justin Kan wearing his webcam. I didn’t realize it had all of those channels and turned into a full video streaming service. I find the video streaming quality is much better than ustream with no freezes.


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