Apple Universe Update- 9/18/2007

After a really tough week last week, and a record 329 downloads of Apple Universe on September 17th, it is time to get new episodes out. Sometime today, Apple Universe Episode #52 will be released.

In this episode, I talk about my experiences at Twitter. I also talk about what Twitter gave me in podcasting gear. Speaking of podcasting gear, I left all my gear that I brought with me at Twitter, so that Twitter can ship all the gear to me. That is the main reason there haven’t been any new episodes of Apple Universe. The gear has been shipped, and should arrive ready for an episode on Saturday as usual!

I was also mentioned in Robert Schoble’s blog, where he talked about my interview with Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey.

If you have any question regarding Apple Universe, please email me. For any other questions and episode of Apple Universe, please visit the website! Thank you for the continuous support of Apple Universe!

Host and Producer, Apple Universe

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