Word Camp 2007: Day 2 Review

The whole day started like Saturday, Registration and Coffee! But than SESSION 1: HIGH PERFORMANCE WORDPRESS BY BARRY ABRAHAMSON AND MATT MULLENWEG started and it was amazing!


All the stats and numbers and my SQL and phpDev! It was so cool! And after lunch Rashmi, from SlideShare.net talked about Designing Massively Multiplayer Social Systems!


But than the good stuff happened! BBQ LUNCH! It was delicious! I also recorded my podcast with special guests Chalres Stricklin and Patrick Havens! After Lunch, Andy Skelton, a developer from WP.com, got out a guitar and played a couple of tunes and I recorded them!


Andy Skelton

Than Dave Winer got up on the stage and gave us a little history lesson before starting to talk about the Past, Present and Future of Web-Publishing! How he got started with blogging. The first blog was actually Tim Berners-Lee’s the very first website at http://info.cern.com. He was working on a project for Wired, A day of democracy, and he was chronologically posting information. And he liked the idea, and thought he should return to that.


Than Liz Danzico of Happy Cog got up and talked about Usability Analysis of WP! Very intresting, but I left half way becuase my dad had to pick me up!


Of course I missed the State of the Word, and Developer Duke-Out! But that is ok, I will watch on video! Overal, I had a fantastic time at Word Camp 2007!


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