Designing Massively Multiplayer Social Systems

Traditionally design has focused on the individual, emphasizing usability, findability etc. As the web becomes a social sphere for more people, designing for sociability becomes important. Rashmi will talk about the design of next generation social networks and the sharing of digital objects such as videos, photos, slides, bookmarks, and film reviews.

She will describe principles for the design of such systems, such as serving the individuals goal, creating a symbiotic relationship between the personal and the social; designing to support self-expression and emergent behavior. She will describe how these principles were used in the design of SlideShare and how you can design your own social sharing system.

Session Leader: Rashmi Sinha

WordPress blog: Uzanto; other: Personal blog

Rashmi Sinha is a designer and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of SlideShare, the largest community for sharing presentations.

In 2002, she co-founded Uzanto, a user experience consultancy that created MindCanvas – a game-like software for customer research. Her next venture SlideShare (launched Oct 2006) is growing fast, letting people share and find presentations on almost any topic under the sun.

Rashmi has a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Brown University. She blogs about the social web at She also co-chairs the monthly BayCHI talk series.

The slide show that Rashmi did, will be up on my site later on!

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