REMINDER: Apple Universe Episode #14 LIVE at Aragon HS TOMORROW!!!

This is just a reminder that Apple Universe Episode #14 will be tomorrow. The schedule as follows:

  • Snacks and drinks before the seminar starts! (Just don’t spill on any computers.)
  • I will be doing a live recording of Apple Universe #14 during the seminar. All present can participate, or watch from the sidelines.
  • Our computer lab aide Mrs. Candy Bandong will be joining me in the episode
  • Anyone interested can stay and watch how Apple Universe is edited, and can learn about how to use the Levelator, Audacity, and iTunes to make podcasts sound and look almost professionally edited.
  • The episode will be live on that afternoon!

May 21st is a minimum day at Aragon, so we will be starting the event at 12:45 PM (right after school gets out), in room 138, which is the new computer lab in the South Wing. After snacks and drinks, we’ll be starting the LIVE recording shortly after 1 PM, which will typically run a little under an hour, depending on how much we talk. The event will probably end around 2:30 PM.

So come on in, and be part of Apple Universe Episode #14!

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