Leopard vs. Vista- Part 1: UI

As you all know, I will be starting a blogging series called  Leopard vs. Vista. In this first part, I will talk about the “UI” of both Leopard and Vista.First, we need to know what UI is.

The user interface (or Human Machine Interface) is the aggregate of means by which people (the users) interact with a particular machine, device, computer program or other complex tool (the system). The user interface provides means of:

* Input, allowing the users to manipulate a system
* Output, allowing the system to produce the effects of the users’ manipulation.

When I first think of Leopard and Mac OS X in general, I think of beautiful, stunning, unique. The reason I like it so much is because Leopard is so easy to use, yet Vista has to many pop-ups, and the blockers do nothing.In the battle over UI, Mac OS X Leopard wins with out a doubt!


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