MacHeist Bundle

The third iteration of the MacHeist Bundle is here, and even better than ever! In this bundle, you get twelve great apps at a deeply discounted price:

You can get all of these great apps for just $49 USD! If you would like to support Apple Universe and Daniel’s Blog, use our affiliate link.

5 thoughts on “MacHeist Bundle

  1. I wasn’t to impressed with the bundle, I already have most of the apps with the last Mac Heist so I don’t have much of a need to get the retail package – but I am looking forward to the next MH.

    What apps would you like to see, Daniel, in the next MH?


  2. Jonathan — Thanks for the comment. I do have most of these apps through either sponsors, or they came on my Mac 😛 If I was doing the next MacHesit, I would really like to see these apps:

    VMWare Fussion
    Sound Studio
    1Password (if not already)
    Adobe CS3 (I know this will NEVER happen 🙂 )
    Aperture from Apple
    Final Cut Express from Apple

    Keep in mind this is what I want to see if I was doing the MacHeist, but I know this will never happen. I will blog about this soon…. thanks for the idea Jonathan!


    Daniel Brusilovsky


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