Daniel’s New Toy

Daniel has a new “toy”. Daniel likes his new toy. Daniel will take his new toy to many places. Daniel needs to stop talking in the third-person now.

After tweeting and recording a Qik video about this, it is time to announce my new toy. My school isn’t the richest school in the world, but we do have great sports, music, and of course, academics. One thing that our school does lack is a laptop for every student.

If you remember, from a very long time ago, on the Apple Universe Podcast LIVE event at my high school, the computer lab aide, Mrs. Bandong, joined me to talk tech. I came to the computer lab, like I regularly do at school, and noticed a tablet-like computer on her desk. My curious self brought me this machine.

The little handheld computer is called the Nova5000, and is made by Fourier Systems. The Nova5000 runs the Windows CE operating system, and includes an absolutely amazing plethora of ports! Here’s a list of the Nova’s external connections:

  • Ethernet port 10/100-Built-in WiFi 802.11g
  • 3 female USB 1.1 ports, for connecting a keyboard, mouse, flash drive, etc.
  • 1 male USB port for Microsoft ActiveSync (to synchronize the handheld with a desktop Windows computer)
  • CompactFlash memory card slot
  • Headphone and microphone jacks
  • Built-in audio speaker (Mono)
  • 12-bit / 8 input scientific probe sensor interface
  • VGA monitor port

Now you are thinking about what this has to do with me, Daniel. Well, Mrs. Bandong was incredibly generous and actually gave me the Nova5000! I would like to thank Mrs. Bandong very much for donating this handheld to me.

Since the Nova500 has both a mic and headphone jack, I might use it in taking podcasting on the road with me, but we’ll see what happens. I managed to get a number of good pictures of the Nova handheld, which are posted here for your perusal:




You can find the rest of the photos over at my Flickr account.

4 thoughts on “Daniel’s New Toy

  1. so…. what do u want to do with it? I assume the audio etc.. stinks, and is little good for podcasting. and it runs WINDOWS CE!! cumon’ daniel..
    On the other hand, it IS a free, little, somewhat cool computer, so ill give you that. But really, what will you be able to do with it?

    ~Macluvaosx 😉

    P.S.: Why did it not connect to the internet? Does it not connect to your wi-fi?


  2. Steven — This computer is made so that students would be able to take this to class, instead of lugging a 15″ PowerBook G4…so keep that in mind.

    I know what operating system it runs, and I have no problem with it. Its a testing computer, and the companies trying to make it so that every student has one. They are handy computers, I must say, but the real test is how I can use it at school. I will take it all this week to school, and see if I use it to its fullest….

    Mike — It looks better, but the specs aren’t that great 🙂

    Daniel Brusilovsky


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