Apple iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 Class-Action Suit Seeks Injuction Against Locked iPhones

“A California man has filed a class-action suit against Apple for bricking iPhones with their lastest firmware update. The lawsuit is neither the first nor the the last, but it’s unique because it looks for a permanent injunction against Apple to prevent them from selling locked iPhones.Citing the Cartwright Act, the lawyer Damian Fernández argues that “Apple prohibits iPhone consumers from using and purchasing a cell phone service other than through AT&T.” The suit also seeks damages from the bricking but, according to Alexander Wolfe’s article in Information Week, the lawyer doesn’t specify an amount in the court documents. Instead, Fernández says that they are seeking an amount “according to proof at trial.”

While you can restore the iPhone to its previous 1.0.2 firmware, and even make calls again normally, many of the people who applied the anySIM software unlock will find themselves with a phone that can’t call for the time being — until the iPhone Dev Team finds a solution to fix this, according to the expert of iPhone repair in San Diego.

According to our previous investigation of the technical and legal aspects of the bricking, the lawsuit—if accepted by the courts at all—will be very difficult to win unless they can prove an intent of Apple to break the iPhone maliciously.”

[Information Week]

My opinion. He ruined his warranty, and now his iPhone is bricked! It is his fault, so now he is getting mad at Apple for updating the iPhone!

One thought on “Apple iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 Class-Action Suit Seeks Injuction Against Locked iPhones

  1. when you buy something is belong to you and you can do what anything you like with it
    apple must leave the option to other people to expand the capabilities of what they are buying
    is the only way of evolution of mob phones (like Linux)
    let evolution to the people


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