Apple unveils Logic Studio

Apple has unveiled Logic Studio, a new suite of applications designed for audio professionals that includes Logic Pro 8 and a new application called MainStage. Logic Studio also includes Soundtrack 2, as well as a variety of instruments and effects.

At the core of Logic Studio is Logic Pro 8, Apple’s professional digital audio workstation. Among the changes in Logic is a new, single window interface. According to Apple, the interface now allows instant access to music creation and production functions, including snap-to-transient selection and sample accurate editing directly in the Arrange window.

Logic Pro 8 also features new audio production tools like Quick Swipe Comping and dynamic channel strip creation. In addition to surround production capabilities, the new version of Logic also includes multichannel tracks and busses, and support for True Surround software instruments and effects.

The new application included in the suite is called MainStage, which turns your Mac into a live performance rig. According to Apple, screen controls link software plug-ins to hardware knobs, faders and buttons, so musicians can use their favorite gear while performing live.

MainStage features a display designed for distant viewing in dim light, a major problem when trying to use gear during live performances.

Logic Studio is available immediately and costs $499. Registered Logic Pro 7 users can upgrade to Logic Studio for $199. Customers who purchased Logic Pro 7 on or after August 1, 2007 are eligible for a free upgrade to Logic Studio.

Logic Express gets new interface

Apple also updated its mid-level digital audio workstation, Logic Express, to version 8.0 adding some of the same features as Logic Pro 8.

The interface design of Logic Express has also been consolidated production tools in a single window. Recording multiple takes, auditioning loops and basic editing waveforms can all be done in one window.

Logic Express 8 is available immediately and costs $199. Upgrades from Logic Express 7, Logic Express 6, Logic Audio 6, or Logic Audio 5 cost $99.00.

One thought on “Apple unveils Logic Studio

  1. This is AWESOME news! I can’t wait to get my hands on $500, so I can get it!

    I’ve always wanted Soundtrack Pro 2, however, I’m not a video person, so buying Final Cut Studio just for Soundtrack wasn’t worth it, obviously.


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