Appearance on Tumblo Podcast

Since I am pretty well know in the podcasting community, people have been asking me to appear on their show! Today, 25 minutes before my interview with Dave Nelson of Talkshoe for Apple Universe, I was on the Tumblo Podcast. Tumblo is a weekly/fortnightly/monthly/whenever podcast brought to you by Robert Day and Ben Hummel. They normally talk about tech news, but usually branch onto other matters aswell, and just chat about anything that interests them. They also invite guests to join the shows and record a podcast with them, why don’t you?

If you would like to listen to episode #5, please click HERE!!!

Oh ya, and by the way, this blog post was written on my Dell Latitude LS that is dates to 2000! It still works and is really small, so it is a keeper!

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