Scott Bourne on Apple Universe!

Today on Apple Universe, Scott Bourne of the Apple Phone Show, will be joining me on Apple Universe! Please check it out!

Scott Bourne – Executive Producer and Host

Scott is an author, lecturer, teacher and new media pioneer, and the president of Podango Productions in San Francisco, CA. He is the founder of the world’s first Internet-only radio network, Netradio, and is a co-host on several prominent podcasts including MacBreak Weekly, the iLifeZone and GMT. Bourne has also been a featured speaker at events such as Macworld Expo and the Podcast & Portable Media Expo.

Scott’s been covering technology since 1992 and been an Apple user since the days of the Apple II. He’s owned just about every Apple product ever made (including a Lisa) and has devoted much of his time to helping others get the most out of technology.

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