Rumor: Apple event Sept. 5

Apple’s new line of iPods will indeed be introduced in September, in line with recent speculation and rumors. But contrary to the report provided by AppleInsider yesterday, the announcement will not be happening mid-to-late September. The company plans to drop the bomb on us with a major unveiling during the first week of September—specifically, September 5, according to our sources within the company. The fifth is odd day for an event (a Wednesday instead of the typical Tuesday), but we are told that the reason for this is the long holiday weekend. Whatever you say, your Steveness. It’s also possible that Apple will make announcements on the 5th while shipping later in the month, which would validate the date range provided by AI’s sources.

Our sources are slim on details for exactly what will be announced, but said that at least one of the things that will come out of September 5th will be a new iPod. When given a rundown of the AppleInsider report, they said that they weren’t clear on the minute details, but from what they do know, “it seems right.” So that said, let’s take a look at what AI wrote.

Four different models will be introduced next month, says AI, most of which will be NAND-flash-based and major evolutions of both the iPod video and iPod nano lines. Sources in the “far East” have allegedly seen fullscreen iPods that will have an OS that is based off of OS X. “What’s interesting, however, is that the Apple has also been working on Mac OS-based iPod software for models that will retain their click-wheels—such as third-generation iPod nanos,” writes Kasper Jade. “Interface concept videos recently published and then pulled from MacRumors consisted of genuine Apple material to this effect, AppleInsider can confirm.”

Perhaps this means that both a fullscreen video iPod is in the works and a more “regular” video iPod, both based on OS X but with different designs for different purposes. Even if they aren’t rolled out at once, this would fall in line with general expectations of the analyst and Mac communities.

The products are up in the air, although AI believes that one of them could possibly be the rumored “iPhone nano.” We cautiously agree that this is a remote possibility, partly because of the reasons provided in the previously-linked post and also because we think that an iPhone nano would surely take this event up a notch from “expected” to “Wow!” And according to our sources, this is a “Wow”-level event. Maybe they’re just too hopped up on the Apple Kool-Aid, though. You never know, with these things.

What I find to be interesting is that this event, before the date was officially decided, was described to me as very major product launch, something completely unexpected. I was reminded that the iPod nano was introduced during the first week of September two years ago (September 7, to be specific), which quickly catapulted to the number one seller among Apple’s iPod portfolio. Apple probably hopes to do something like that again.

Until then… I guess we’re holding our breaths.

From Infinite Loop.

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