Exclusive Download: Dine-O-Matic 2

Anyone who’s spent time in any major city will have inevitably run into the age-old conundrum of where and what to eat when they feel like going out. Chinese or Pizza? If you’re going to do something Asian, why not that new Thai place? Even the most decisive of folks can be turned into blubbering infants when faced with so many options. Things only get worse when you’re eating with others. Steve likes Italian, but Joe really wants a Burger. Inevitably, someone isn’t going to get their way, creating a rift between friends that will lie dormant until sometime in the future when it leads to the two of them never speaking to each other again. What we really need is an impartial Solomonic arbiter to assist us in these difficult decisions. Some kind of automated computing machine, perhaps…

Okay, so maybe choosing a place to eat isn’t all that hard, but the upcoming Dine-O-Matic 2 from the Iconfactory can certainly add some spice to the otherwise boring weekday decision. Simply enter in the names and other information of your frequent haunts, and Dine-O-Matic does the rest– presenting you with a random choice of eatery at the click of your mouse.The addition of custom cuisine categories and the ability to add additional “weight” to your favorites are just a few of the upgrades to this already terrific widget.

Full changes include:
• Custom cuisine categories
• Enable / disable entire categories
• Expanded restaurant information
• Restaurant price filtering
• ‘Weight’ your favorite restaurants
• Google Maps and web integration
• Localized for these languages:
• German
• French
• Japanese
• Swedish
• Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)

Although version 2 officially goes public tomorrow, we’ve got it a day early exclusively for readers of PhillRyu.com. Check it out, and enjoy!

From PhillRyu.com.

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