Review: Mozilla Thunderbird

Over the past few weeks, I have started using Mozilla Thunderbird. The 2 main features that I use are, the email client of course, and a RSS Feed client. The reason I use the RSS Feed client is because when I use my email, I like to stay updated in the tech and in Apple news. Every minute, Mozilla Thunderbird updates the RSS Feed and retrieves data from that site! This makes my day a lot quicker and faster!

Along with the RSS Feed, it has a gmail client pre-configured so ll you have to do is type in the email address, and it does the rest! Especially if you have more than one gmail email account. I have my personal, and than I have my Apple Universe account come to one mail client along with all my RSS Feeds!

My Overall rating is: 4 out of 5

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3 thoughts on “Review: Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. I recently moved away from using T-Bird. I used this mail client at work (Windows) for about 4 or 5 years and was quite impressed with its stability and filtering features. Granted it had its shortcoming but hey northing’s perfect. Since I had such a great experience with it at work I decided that maybe I should use this very client on my personal system at home (OSX). BIG Mistake! This beast was unstable and slow . I have quite a bit of mail (8GB worth) it just couldn’t keep up. I finally gave up on it and chose to stick with my web based account.

    I hope that your experience will prove itself to be the opposite of mine.

    Good Luck!


  2. Mozilla Thunderbird is definitely a good quality email client, although I still prefer Microsoft Outlook. However, I’m not sure whether having a desktop-based RSS client is such a good idea because the feeds can end up taking up a lot of space and you won’t be able to access your newsfeeds if you don’t have your computer with you. I prefer using a web based client because it eliminates the space problem and I can access it from anywhere. The RSS aggregator that I use is Newsgator Online.


  3. For work, I use Office 2007. Out of all the Microsoft products, sadly to say, is the best! I use T-Bird jest because it is a small application, and it works!


    P.S Thanks for the comments guys!


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