New writer for Opensoft

If you have ever heard of, you might like this post. Ever since my BIG interview with Robert Scoble on the Scoble Show, I have gotten a lot of attention for people, as you might think. One of them happen to be Thomas Garwood from OpenSoft.

Opensoft is a technology site that specializes in freeware and open source software reviews. Anyone can sign up and contribute to the site. You can also get us to find freeware for you, or you can search for freeware with Freesearch, the freeware search engine. If you don’t know what freeware is, here are some clues.

Freeware programs are programs that are completely free, and never expire. Open-source programs are not only free, but also come with the source code used to make the program. You are also encouraged to change it and distribute it in any way. See the Free Software Foundation for more details. I have joined the staff of OpenSoft to help them out, and write some intresting posts. Well, that is about it. If you have any questions about OpenSoft, please click on this link.

If you have any questions regarding this, please go to the contact page on my blog, and email me, or IM me. Please keep in mind that I am still on vacation, and it will take some time to respond.



One thought on “New writer for Opensoft

  1. Hi Daniel,
    Your interview is spreading around the world – I teach Elementary Students (8-9 yo) in Wales in the UK using as much web 2.0 technology as I can – blogs, podcasts, voip and wiki’s – I listened with interest to your interview and found it inspiring – Thank You .


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