It’s Official: iPhone Coming June 29!


Apple and AT&T ran a series of three new iPhone ads Sunday night, each ending with the Apple and AT&T logos and the caption “Coming June 29.”

The three ads, entitled, “How To,” “Never Been an iPod,” and “Calamari” started appearing on the East Coast around 7 p.m. on Sunday during CBS’s 60 Minutes. They can now be viewed on Apple’s Web site.

Each ad focuses on specific sets of iPhone features, such as Web browsing, sorting through pictures and iTunes albums, watching widescreen movies, and, yes, even taking and receiving calls.

During last week’s D Conference, Steve Jobs told The Wall Street Journal‘s Walt Mossberg that the “late June” iPhone release date remained firm.

“Like the last day of June?” Mossberg asked.

“Yeah, probably,” Jobs replied. June 29 falls on a Friday.


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