Apple Universe Episode #2 iphone

Brand new episode came out today: The iphone is coming out on June 11 along with buddy Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard coming out sometime in June. Best Buy finally decides to sell Mac’s at 200 stores. A Russian Lab finds the first virus in the ipod, sort of. Mac Office 2008 is almost here, as it hit a private beta. Apple’s Mac OS X may gain multi-sized icon interface. MacNN reports on the latest Apple patents, published today by the US Patent & Trademark Office. The new patents include a centralized printing queue, a variable-sized icon GUI, a thermal-contact arrangement between chips and heat sinks, and an audio battery status patent. Does your five-year-old watch in fascination as you work with Photoshop? Encourage your child’s interests by turning your retired Mac into a digital art station. Apple Upgrades Boot Camp With Windows Vista Support. All of this on this special friday edition of Apple Universe!

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