WWDC 2009

With WWDC, Apple’s developer conference less then one month away, it’s time to get prepared. You’re probably wondering: admission costs more than $1,000, and you have to sign an NDA just to attend the conference sessions. Most developers who go say it’s worthwhile, but all the Apple fanboys/girls look forward to one key event during the whole show: the keynote.

Sam Levin (@samlevin), and I will be reporting live from the first couple of rows at the WWDC keynote this year. Apple said, and I quote “if you have a camera, we’d need you to be in the pit with the rest of b-cast (so I suggest leaving the camera in your bag and just blogging). Speaking of, live blogging is fine but we ask that there is no live video or audio of the keynote.” So that ruins my plans of Qikking the entire keynote, but we’ll still be live blogging and live tweeting the entire event.

What I’ll probably do is just run a blog post and send updates and add pictures as we go. Engadget‘s got the live blogging down, as well as TechCrunch, so we’ll give it a go here!

More updates to come…