WooThemes: Premium WordPress Themes


I love WordPress. If you know me, then you know that WordPress is my CMS (Content Management System) of choice. I use it for all my blogs, clients, and more. Even sites like TechCrunch, use WordPress to post content online. WordPress is just plain awesome. One of the great things about WordPress is the community around it. The community of developers that contribute their time and energy into making plugins and themes that thousands, or even millions of users will use.

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One of the many core values of WordPress is GPL. Because of GPL and the way WordPress treats it, I’ve always followed by that code, so when I see sites like WPMU Premium, WPMU.org, etc., it angers me, because these are great quality plugins and themes that I feel like the entire public should be able to access, not just the paying public. If WordPress is free, why aren’t the add-ons? Mozilla Firefox is free, and so are the thousands of add-ons.

One of the more premium WordPress design companies is WooThemes, co-founded by Adii “Rockstar” Pienaar. At first, I didn’t support WooThemes, because you had to pay for their premium themes. But, after recently speaking with Adii, and really understand WooThemes, their business model, and their goal. I really understand, and respect what WooThemes has built. They have over 40 premium themes, and release some of their themes for free. Of course, the free themes are the ones with the most the downloads.

WooThemes has worked with some of the best designers; Tim Van Damme, Bryan Veloso, Dan Rubin, Elliot Jay Stocks, Liam McKay, Matt Brett, Tony Geer, and Veerle Pieters.

Go ahead and look at some of the WooThemes, because they are beautiful, and can be worth the price for you.