Why I’m still using Firefox

After the Safari 4 Public Beta was announced on February 24, I spent a little while playing around with it, exploring its new features. I started out as a Safari user, but because of its limitations and lack of certain features, I eventually switched to Mozilla Firefox, which in my opinion is much more reliable and feature-rich, and the Safari 4 beta hasn’t proved to be worthwhile enough to switch.


One of the main setbacks of using Safari it its omission of one critical feature: session recovery. If Safari crashes, and I have 30 tabs open, I can say good bye to those tabs, while Firefox will simply continue with the pages I had open upon its next launch. Sure, there are third-party extensions out there that implement session recovery in Safari, but I prefer how Firefox has the feature built in. I have never lost a session with Firefox, and that’s one of the main reasons why I still use Firefox today.


What Apple does well with all their product is looks, and Safari is no exception. Safari does not fail in the appearance category, but Firefox is still a winner. The default theme might not seem so pretty, but there are currently 235 themes you can choose from (with more to come). Because I miss the Safari look, I went with a Safari theme for Firefox called iFox Metal. Now I have the look of Safari, but the power and features of Firefox.


Yes, I am a Apple fanboy, and that’s my primary community, but Mozilla has a dedicated community for Firefox users. Sure Apple has millions of users and reaches out to the users with their amazing products. Mozilla has dedicated a lot of resources for user interaction and feedback, where Apple has almost none. Has Apple ever sponsored any events? Mozilla does tons of user outreach, where Apple is very self-centered; what Steve says goes.

Those are the main three reason why the new Safari 4 hasn’t matched Mozilla Firefox for my day-to-day use. Hopefully both Apple and Mozilla will take this feedback to heart and use it to improve their respective browser products.

What’s your favorite browser and why? What’s your new favorite Safari 4 feature? What’s your favorite add-on or theme for Firefox? Leave a comment below and let us know!