Speaking at BizTechDay

I’ve always had a passion for marketing — getting the word out through multiple channels. But, one of the missing ingredients in marketing is how to target the youth. So on Thursday October 22nd, I’ll be speaking at BizTechDay on how to target the youth when it comes to marketing, both traditional and new media. My session is from 1:50 – 2:45 pm in the “New Media Hall,” so go ahead and drop by!

How to Sell to Niche Markets Online – Baby Boomer and GenY/Teen Communities

As each generation ages, what they buy and how much they spend will change. Each product and service has a “best customer” that sustains its business. As these customers mature, the smart marketers will stay one step ahead of them and their money. The Baby Boomer and Generation Y communities are redefining how we market and it would be wise to learn how to anticipate their needs more effectively.

During this session, you will learn:

-How to clearly understand their ideal customer’s purchasing behaviors
-How to successfully build rapport & trust with these markets
-How Baby Boomer and Gen Y consumers evaluate brands and what they pay attention to when making purchase decisions
-How to narrate your business story in a way that resonates with Baby Boomer and Gen Y community members
-The Dos and Don’ts of marketing to the Baby Boomer and Gen Y communities

I’m excited to share my insight on youth marketing, especially since I’m taking a different approach with this presentation. I’ll upload my presentation to Slideshare on Friday as well. Thanks to Edith Yeung to inviting me to speak, as well!

Update: My presentation is embedded below. Please contact me with any comments/suggestions. There is also video of the session coming as well.

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SendItoMe: Upload & Share

Today, I came across a new site called SendItoMe. In simple terms, SendItoMe is like YouSendIt, except with better security, like encrypted HTTPS session (SSL/TLS) to make sure your data is secure, and with a few other features. To date, what many of these file transfer sites don’t provide is security. When I send over a big document, I don’t want the the whole world to see it; all I want is that the person I am sending the file to is able to see it, and nobody else. With SendItoMe, that is the case. With their SSL/TLS security, intruders can’t peek on the downlaod, and after 24 hours, the file gets deleted. That’s what I call security.

I don’t like sending files over the internet for two reasons:

  1. Security: If I send a file, it is usually intended for one person, and one person only. With YouSendit you don’t know what happens after its uploaded. It probably stays on their servers, but who knows. With SendItoMe the file gets deleted in 24 hours.
  2. Simplicity: There are other services that are similar to SendItoMe, but this service is very to use. All you have to do is type in the recipient’s email address, your email address (which is optional), and the message to recipient (also optional), and locate the file on your computer. It’s that simple.

In conclusion, I think SendItoMe has a great future, and their security features really win me away. I don’t tend to send files using these types of services, but I might just have to start using SendItoMe,

What do you think of SendItoMe? Would you use a service like this? Leave your opinion in a comment below.