Why Large Corporations Fail

Quick introductory disclosure: I hold no feelings against the corporations I am going to mention in this blog post. My feelings are based on the number of employees, size of company, and other things that don’t directly influence how the companies are run.

First of all, I personally love working in start-ups. The atmosphere in the start-up environment is fun, exciting, and you work closely with a great group of individuals. For example, Qik (the company I work for – see my Colophon for the full disclosure) is a start-up that streams live video from the latest mobile phones (Nokia S60 series, Windows Mobile, and iPhone OS X) to the internet with almost no delay. (Although I am an employee of Qik , Inc., I was a user before I was hired, and my views have never changed since I became an employee.) Continue reading “Why Large Corporations Fail”