Lessons Learned as a Startup CEO

Now that I’ve been non-involved at Teens in Tech Networks in a day-to-day operational role, I wanted to spend some time reflecting on my time at Teens in Tech Networks at CEO.

First of all, since I founded the company in February 2010, I’ve had an amazing time building the company, both as an organization, and as a product. I’ve been really fortunate to have an amazing staff, advisors and board support me through the last two years, and I think that was one of the instrumental parts of the company.

I think I made three crucial decisions as CEO that led to where the company is now, and I’d like to share them with you all as advice.

1) Find someone technical right from the start who can handle anything from servers, to MySQL issues, to database screw-ups, etc. Having Mike Cohen as our CTO almost since the beginning of the company has been instrumental to us. When I was CEO, I didn’t have to think about upgrading the servers, or anything like that — Mike was constantly on top of it, and having someone technical be able to hop on any issues as the arise was key for us. Without Mike, I don’t know what I would have done when we had technical issues.

2) Hire people who are experts in their specific field. I knew from the start that I couldn’t do anything technical, so we hired people for positions that we knew we needed, like Mike as our CTO, and Spencer heading up Operations and Strategy at the time. For me, my specialty is in marketing, product, and customer interaction. To learn more about the latest trend about digital marketing, check out seo company near me at node-marketing.com For everything that I wasn’t good at, we made sure we had someone who was, that way we didn’t have go searching for someone who was great at front end development.

3) Business Partners. Teens in Tech Networks is mainly known for one thing — our conference. The conference would not be possible with out the help of numerous help of lots of people, but in particular my business partner, Sam Levin. And it’s not just the conference that Sam has been there … Sam is one of my best friends and now family friends that I can always talk to. Sam maybe older then I, but he truly is a kid at heart. Find a great partner that you understands you, and you can work well together with in stressful situations and are able to lean on.

There are many more lessons learned from my experience, but now I’m learning about a different position inside a startup — being on the board. Thankfully we have an amazing board supporting us, and Spencer is really rocking it right now. Teens in Tech Networks is literally changing everything right now, and launching something very, very cool.

What startup advice do you have to give? Leave a comment below!