Review: RssReader

Last week I downloaded an RSS Reader called RssReader. The name basically says it all. You go to the webiste, and download either the .zip file or an .exe file. I chose the .exe file and it worked. I don’t know about the .zip file, but everything works for me. Once you install, the fun begins!

You need to manually add all your RSS Feeds by clicking on the “Add” button. You can also add a group by clicking on the “Group” button. So far I have 4 groups: Apple Sites, Blogs, Podcasts, and Tech News. That way it is very organized, and I know were everything is!

As you know by my Mozilla Thunderbird Review, Thunderbird has its own RSS Feed catcher, so it was easier to know what feeds I wanted. The only think I don’t like about RssReader is that I can’t important all the feeds in Thunderbird. It only took me 20 minutes to import about 30 Feeds, and I knew most of the feed links.

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