Thanks For The Memories

Before I start of, I wanted to let everyone know that this has probably been one of the hardest posts I’ve written on my blog. Over the last two years, I’ve done a lot in technology — I joined Qik in January 2008, started Teens in Tech Networks in February 2008, worked with some amazing companies like Apture, TechCrunch, atebits, Wonder Warp Software, etc., and had a blast doing it all. I’ve worked with startups in the past, but there is nothing the feels the same as working on your own startup.

I’ve made a very important decision in my life that was not easy, but I feel is the right thing to do at this time. Today is my last day as President and Chief Executive Officer of Teens in Tech Networks, the company I started over two years ago.

I would not have made this decision if I didn’t feel confident in my successor, and their abilities to lead our team. Spencer Schoeben, who is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Teens in Tech Networks, will become the the President and CEO of Teens in Tech Networks.

Spencer has been my right hand man at Teens in Tech Networks for the last seven months, when he joined Teens in Tech Networks in October 2009, and has been an amazing asset to the company.

I may not be the CEO anymore, but I will remain the Chairman of the Board of the Directors, and remain a key asset to the team helping with the products and the business.

I’m excited to see the company grow under new leadership, and being Chairman will give me a different perspective on that. I’m also looking forward to attending college, like I mentioned in my last post. Who knows — maybe I’ll have a new company by the end of the summer!

Thanks to our amazing Advisors, and the amazing team we have at Teens in Tech Networks. I feel very confident that Spencer will be able to lead Teens in Tech Networks into its next phase.

12 thoughts on “Thanks For The Memories

  1. I'm sure they'll be sad to see you leave your post, but I wish Spencer all the best.As for starting a biz in college, I wish I had done that. It seems like the perfect thing to do.


  2. Good luck Daniel!I have had an awesome time working with you over the past few months and hope later in life we get to work together again! Once again good luck have fun and keep me up to date on new things.


  3. It's definitely my pleasure to work with you over the past 5 months and guide me into this tech world.Good luck on your future projects and of course, your college.


  4. Now that you're not the CEO I would consider renaming the organization ETHICAL Teens in Tech Networks. You know, the type of teens that don't blackmail to get a Mac.


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