Early Espresso Podcast

I’ve been podcasting since 2007. I’ve been hosting and producing the Apple Universe Podcast since March 2007, and it has been a blast — yet, I’ve been the only host, and it could get lonely once in a while. I would bring on co-hosts and special guests, but every episode didn’t have someone else with me.

Entrepreneurship and youth are two big topics right now, so a few of my friends decided to start a podcast about those two topics. Christian Owens of Branchr Advertising, Mark Bao of Avecora, Alex Nichols of Take a Tee/Teens in Tech Networks and I are starting a podcast called Early Espresso (hat tip to Christian and Mark for the name). It’s a weekly podcast where we talk about youth, entrepreneurship, technology and more.

We’ve recorded our first episode, and released it a few minutes ago. In this episode we talk about some tech news, (Tweetie 2, Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, etc.), and talk about the big decision: to go, or not to go to college. A topic that has been recently discussed here on my personal blog. Alex couldn’t join us this week, but he’ll be back next week.

So go ahead, and subscribe in iTunes, and follow Early Espresso on Twitter.

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