Why Teens Aren’t Using Twitter: It Doesn’t Feel Safe

Twitter seems to be the hottest thing in tech recently — if you look at TechCrunch, it averages at least 3 posts a week about Twitter. But the bigger question is, who is really using Twitter? Many of you might think that, as with most of the latest gadgets and technologies, teenagers are using Twitter, but you’re wrong, and here’s why. Matthew Robson, a 15 year old intern, over at Morgan Stanley, wrote a report on how teenagers are consuming media, and why Twitter isn’t the hot topic in high school halls.

If you look at technologies trending with teens right now, it’s Apple devices (iPhone, iPod), smart phones (Blackberry, Palm), and then social networks (Facebook and MySpace). At least that’s what I see from hanging out with 1,500 other teenagers in high school every day (I am 16 years old). But why not Twitter? Well, because Twitter is a different type of social network than Facebook. Facebook is about connecting people, and sharing information with each other. The way my friends and I see it, Facebook is a closed network. It’s a network of people and friends that you trust to be connected to, and to share information like your email address, AIM screen name, and phone number. You know who’s getting your status messages, because you either approved or added each person to your network.

I wrote a post today on TechCrunch about Twitter, and why teenagers aren’t adopting it. Got quite the response as well — 130 comments, and a Techmeme headline so far. What do you think? Leave your comments below!

3 thoughts on “Why Teens Aren’t Using Twitter: It Doesn’t Feel Safe

  1. I would have to disagree with this. As an early adopter of many social networks, I love twitter. Now I dont constantly use it. But im less afraid of twitter then i am of friendfeed. I can control what i put where. I will publish one type of updates on facebook. and a whole different type on twitter. Recently so many people from my school have joined twitter that i have stopped using it. just my two cents.


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