Why I’m still using Firefox

After the Safari 4 Public Beta was announced on February 24, I spent a little while playing around with it, exploring its new features. I started out as a Safari user, but because of its limitations and lack of certain features, I eventually switched to Mozilla Firefox, which in my opinion is much more reliable and feature-rich, and the Safari 4 beta hasn’t proved to be worthwhile enough to switch.


One of the main setbacks of using Safari it its omission of one critical feature: session recovery. If Safari crashes, and I have 30 tabs open, I can say good bye to those tabs, while Firefox will simply continue with the pages I had open upon its next launch. Sure, there are third-party extensions out there that implement session recovery in Safari, but I prefer how Firefox has the feature built in. I have never lost a session with Firefox, and that’s one of the main reasons why I still use Firefox today.


What Apple does well with all their product is looks, and Safari is no exception. Safari does not fail in the appearance category, but Firefox is still a winner. The default theme might not seem so pretty, but there are currently 235 themes you can choose from (with more to come). Because I miss the Safari look, I went with a Safari theme for Firefox called iFox Metal. Now I have the look of Safari, but the power and features of Firefox.


Yes, I am a Apple fanboy, and that’s my primary community, but Mozilla has a dedicated community for Firefox users. Sure Apple has millions of users and reaches out to the users with their amazing products. Mozilla has dedicated a lot of resources for user interaction and feedback, where Apple has almost none. Has Apple ever sponsored any events? Mozilla does tons of user outreach, where Apple is very self-centered; what Steve says goes.

Those are the main three reason why the new Safari 4 hasn’t matched Mozilla Firefox for my day-to-day use. Hopefully both Apple and Mozilla will take this feedback to heart and use it to improve their respective browser products.

What’s your favorite browser and why? What’s your new favorite Safari 4 feature? What’s your favorite add-on or theme for Firefox? Leave a comment below and let us know!

20 thoughts on “Why I’m still using Firefox

  1. Simple for me. I went back to Safari after the new update fixed the cookies issue, and I love Safari 4 for picking up some of Firefox’s best features – AwesomeBar, Top Sites to name a few.

    Speed is aspect #1. I just wish they had true add-on capability like Firefox does for Safari.


  2. I’m a Safari guy, it’s fast, it’s reliable, and it’s Apple. 🙂

    In terms of Safari 4, I think I like the top sites feature the best, that was the biggest thing I missed from my Firefox days. I am disappointed in the decision to remove the loading bar in favor of a more iPhone, minimalist approach, but oh well.

    When I use Firefox, I use GrApple Yummy and Fission.

    Great post, thanks for opening this up for discussion!


  3. Firefox isn’t my favorite but it is my default. I’d honestly rather use Google Chrome. It opens tabs right next to one another unlike Firefox which puts a new tab at the end of the line.

    I feel Chrome is also speedier and hogs less memory for me. I only continue to use Firefox because of the extensions. I depend on too many of them for better productivity to switch.


  4. @Joseph: I don’t find Top Sites actually useful. iGoogle is my homepage, and it has my ‘top sites’ there so it’s more of a distraction on my end.Thanks for telling me about Fission! I’m using it now!

    @Corvida: I’m waiting for Chrome on the Mac, so once that comes out, we’ll see how I fee about that!

    Thanks for your comments… keep em coming!


  5. I tried out Safari 4 as well, but I ended up going back to Firefox in the end after about a couple of days. Probably will stick with Firefox unless there are some dramatic changes with Safari.


  6. I find Safari 4 to be much faster & uses less CPU. Also, Saft’s session saver has a big advantage over Firefox: when you restart after a crash, it gives you a list of open tabs and lets you unselect any that you don’t want to reopen, so you can avoid reopening pages that crash it. I still find a few pages that crash FF, so a feature like that would be really useful.


  7. FYI Daniel, Safari does have built-in session recovery and it has since Safari 3. It’s just not automatic; you have to go into the History menu and click on “Reopen All Windows from Last Session” first.

    Personally, I’ve yet to stick with one browser for a full year in a row; I think that once I get used to one browse, I like the idea of changing. That said, I’m quite happy with Safari 4. I quickly got used to the tabs on top, the Top Sites feature is growing on me, and I’m very attracted to how it’s got the best web standards support out there right now. Plus, frankly, it is faster, I’ve got to admit it.

    Personally, I don’t think there really is a way for one to justify why we use any one web browser over another beyond which one feels right to us. Unless you’re comparing to IE. It’s very easy to argue why Browser X is better to use than IE.


  8. dont like safari 4. what are they trying to do with it? i use the pc version and it sucks – just chrome in nicer clothes.

    it has a firebug type thingy built in but firebug still rocks. as for fastness, i think that what u gain with safari is minimal, so will i use it in my day to day work – no – but i still use it every so often when the mood takes me.

    safari has a tendency to be a little like ie, as daniel says, when it crashes no amount of cussing is going to bring back your tabs.

    thats my opinion anyway 😉


  9. I tried Safari. Sure it’s fast, but there are lots and lots of small things that really annoys me. Apple also seems to have got read of some features (like Activity window) to make safari look prettier.
    Btw, I would also suggest you give Opera a fair try. It’s one hell of an impressive browser. It has loads of features that you may not even notice at first glance, but it also has a dedicated fanbase and an active community ever ready to help you out.


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