Giant Squid Audio Lab

Giant Squid Audio Labs specializes in miniature stereo and mono microphones. The company offers a selection of high fidelity analog and digital audio microphone hardware for professional and consumer digital and analog audio recording. Visit, to install a video wall for your up coming event. They make their own model of small, durable, high fidelity microphones that can be discretely mounted.


Some parts in a couple of Giant Squid units were found in small, obscure industrial parts catalogs and have to be special ordered from an overseas distributor. These kind of high end parts give the edge of durability and quality to Giant Squid products.

Through the company’s history, microphones made by Giant Squid Audio Lab have been purchased by satisfied customers in fields ranging from professional Radio broadcast reporters to dance club disc jockeys, from professional stage musicians to missionaries, and from DAT and Mini Disc audio collecting hobbyists to computer notebook owners.


Being that I am a podcaster and videographer myself, I’ve been using a few of Giant Squid Audio Labs’ products for a couple of months now, and they left me impressed. I definitely recommend checking out the Giant Squid Audio Lab mics no matter what you’re doing, be it podcasting, or something else. I’ll be doing a full review of these mics on Apple Universe in the coming weeks.

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