12,000 Twitter Updates

Today at around 3:40 PM, I posted my 12,000th update on Twitter. I started Twittering in March of 2007, and I have come along way. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has followed and supported me throughout my journey in the Twitterverse. If you don’t follow me already, I suggest you do. A special thanks to Adam Jackson from DailyTechTalk and Macworld Bound for taking a screen shot of my Twitter count:

<center12,000 Twitter Updates!</center

6 thoughts on “12,000 Twitter Updates

  1. Daniel- I love the tweet love ActionsTalk got for your interview but did you ever blog about it? Want to? I know I’m shameless…great work on getting TiT back up. (did you ever think of that acronym?) Talk to you soon.


  2. Hey Ryan,

    Thats tomorrow’s daily blog post 🙂 I haven’t forgot (Okay, maybe I have), but I will post something tomorrow in the noonish time. It is great to see Teens in Tech back, and we don’t call it TiT, we call it TinT. Later!



  3. Good for you! That is a heck of a lot of tweets… I’ve got many more to go, but since my signing up about 2 days ago, I’m loving it! No need to update facebook status anymore!


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