Macworld 2009 Registration Starts Soon!

After reading Adam Jackson’s post on Macworld Bound about Macworld 2009 registration is opening soon, I had to blog this. According to the Macworld Conference and Expo Ning Group, Tara Wislocki from IDG posted a reply on a thread about How Do I get into Macworld.


Registration will go live on September 2nd. The website you will register from is, but right now is going through maintenance and re design with the team from

Macworld is a great event for EVERYONE! There is both a Conference & an Expo so when you are registering be sure to check out all of the packages to find the best one for you.

See you in San Francisco!


Tara also noted that Expo passes prices have changed.

An Expo Pass is only $25 if you register before December 1st, $45 after that. Conference passes very by conference type so check the registration site once it opens on Sept 2nd to see all the different packages and pricing.

Join the Macworld Conference and Expo Ning group to stay updated on all Macworld news! Hope this information helps!

UPDATE: Registration for the 2009 Macworld Conference and Expo was supposed to start yesterday, September 2, yet, the site didn’t open. According to some insiders, will be opening the registration this month but are running into “new site” issues. They don’t have a firm date.

9 thoughts on “Macworld 2009 Registration Starts Soon!

  1. @Evan Sooner or later, if you plan correctly, you will make it to Macworld. I must say, its one of the best events to go for anyone. Awesome community.

    @Max Morman I am looking forward too! I have a big announcement if everything works out in a couple of weeks 😉


  2. @Daniel: Ahh…can’t wait to here what it is going to be. I assume it is regarding the podcast?

    Also, I’d like to talk to you a bit about podcasting, and marketing a podcast. I have a few ideas that I think could be quite successful, just need the right tools to make it that way.


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