Time for a New Look

As anybody who visited the site recently can tell, DanielBru.com has gotten a new face, almost top to bottom. Previously, I was using the GlossyBlue theme designed by N.Design Studio, but now the blog is showing off the WP-Premium 1.0 by R.Bhavesh.

For the record, I did not work on customizing this theme alone. The awesome Matt Pippen, of Teen Media Productions, helped me along the way with CSS and PHP, and making the theme fit into the blog just beautifully.

But we’re not doen yet. Community, you’re involved in this too. Do you like the theme? Do you think that there’s anything else we can work on to make the blog look even better? Let me know by leaving a comment below, or through the contact form.

17 thoughts on “Time for a New Look

  1. Looks slick!

    I’m really needing to spend some time actually designing my blogsite… I keep using ‘out of the box’ WP themes and am itching to tweak it – but when? πŸ™‚

    Still – very nice!!


  2. Sorry, meant to say:

    It took some tweaking in the CSS and PHP code, but I love how it looks.

    There we go πŸ˜›


  3. A very clean look. I am so impressed with WordPress that I started my won blog here. This is so much more professional looking than other sites. Really looks good Daniel.


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