MacHeist II Bundle

This year’s MacHeist bundle features twelve popular application titles for the Mac for just $49 USD. In particular, the 2008 package is of excellent value, since Pixelmator alone costs $10 more. The following is the list of applications available in this amazing MacHeist bundle:

25 percent of sale proceeds will be donated to various user-chosen charities. In addition, use the referral links in this post, and Apple Universe will receive a portion of the purchase price as well.

If you’re looking for great Mac applications in an affordable package, you had better act quickly! The Macheist package deal ends in four days from the publishing of this post!

2 thoughts on “MacHeist II Bundle

  1. I love this bundle, although last years bundle was better. I’m really gettign a lot of use out of Pixelmator, and CoverSutra. The other apps are not that great for me, but still, I’ve been enjoying this years bundle 🙂


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