Bonds ties Aaron, belts 755th home run

Hammerin’ Hank now has an equal. San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds tied Hank Aaron by blasting his 755th home run on Saturday.

With Commissioner Bud Selig looking on, the 43-year-old Bonds deposited Padres starter Clay Hensley‘s 2-1 offering into the left field seats with no outs in the second inning.


was the seven-time National League MVP’s 21st homer of the year and first since July 27.

The blast was estimated at 382 feet.

From Yahoo! Sports 

4 thoughts on “Bonds ties Aaron, belts 755th home run

  1. I really can’t consider Bonds an equal to the Hammer, or even to Saduhara Oh (the Japanese player who exceeded Aaron’s record.) Once you cheat by taking drugs, as far as I’m concerned, you’re a loser for all time.


  2. Hi Daniel, I saw the interview by Robert Scoble. It must be fun getting to grow up around Silicon Valley, a tech playground for sure.

    Also saw Bond’s HR on the news tonight. I don’t know how we’ll ever make a valid comparison with pre vs. post-introduction of steroids to baseball, but that’s still a lot of homers.

    I never realized how hard it would be to challenge Ruth’s record, let alone Aaron’s, until someone noted you’d have to hit 30HR/year for two full decades just to get to 600. I guess it takes both consistency and longevity.

    BTW, it’s kind of funny, I was about your age when Aaron hit #715.


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