Word Camp 2007: Day 1

Today was the first day of WordCamp 2007.I had a really good time and meet some really cool people, Stephanie Booth and Lorna Dietz! I want to recognize that all the live-blogged articles below are ALL Stephanie! I don;t want to get into any trouble! There are a bunch of Word Camp pictures on Flickr!

Here are the sessions that my new friend, Stephanie Booth, live-blogged.

I really enjoyed Day 1, plus my exclusive interview with Matt Mullenweg and Andy Skelton! I am uploading the episode as we speak! I am hoping to have Apple Universe #23 up by tomorrow! Don’t forget that tomorrow I will we recording Apple Universe #24 with Mike Adams, Charles from WordPress Podcast and hopefully Douglas Bell! Stay tuned for Word Camp 2007: Day 2!

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