Volkswagen, Apple working on 'iCar'???

German magazine Capital is reporting that talks between Apple and Volkswagen are in an early stage for a so-called “iCar”.

According to a Volkswagen company spokesperson, the two company heads held talks a few days ago in California on more heavily incorporating Apple products in Volkswagen’s compact cars.

Apple already has a dedicated page for the integration of its iPod products into automobiles. Recently, Apple has worked with BMW for iPhone integration in 7-series models.

Note: The term “iCar” is said to be a preliminary designation for the project, much in the way that the AppleTV was first designated “iTV”. There is a rumored Apple Event coming up on September 5th.

One thought on “Volkswagen, Apple working on 'iCar'???

  1. I wish Apple supported Toyota better. They’re the only major car company conspicuously missing from Apple’s car integration page.

    The Prius already feels more Mac-like than any other car. You press a button to start it, and with the smart key system, you don’t even have to take the ‘key’ out of your pocket – just touch the door to unlock it and push the button to start. It’s absolutely silent when you start it and it’s amazingly quiet when you drive it.

    The touch screen controls the audio & climate control and would be perfect for iPod control if they had full integration.

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