Past, Present, and Future of Web Publishing

Very few of the things WordPress does are actually new, most has its roots further back than we may imagine. Few people have the perspective on the web that Dave Winer do, and in this keynote he’s going to share with the WP community the history and responsibilities of a web publishing platform.

Dave Winer Session Leader: Dave Winer

WordPress blog: Scripting Annex, a mirror of

“I’ve been a blogger as long as there’s been such a thing, starting in 1996 with a blog around a project I was doing at HotWired, where I was a contributing editor.

“I’ve been credited with developing or co-developing many popular Internet technologies, including RSS, OPML, XML-RPC, SOAP. I’ve been a software developer since the mid-late 70s, having worked on outliners, presentations software, scripting, content management and blogging tools.

“I’ve been a lead developer, company executive, board member, investor, editor, research fellow and blogger.”

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