Interview on ActionsTalk

A fellow video-blogger and friend of mine, Ryan Graves, recently interviewed me for his show called Actions Talk. You can find the interview bellow:

ActionsTalk #6 – Teens in Tech from ActionsTalk on Vimeo

12 thoughts on “Interview on ActionsTalk

  1. Daniel- Thanks again for the great interview for ActionsTalk. You need anything just let me know. I’m a Teens in Tech/ DanielBru supporter for sure!

  2. Hey Daniel. Sweet interview. What ActionsTalk said about you at the end is totally true – you are mature for your age and are definitely getting the right connections in order to strive for success. Good luck and remember:

    Keep zooming,


  3. Hello there,

    After I watched your video – i fully understood the feeling of the ‘number’. I started my own business with the help of my father in 2005 (14 years old). I also find that people will talk about me (although i have never had the publicity that you have) as mention – “And he is only 17 years old”.

    I think what you have done is amazing and would love to see you site online soon – rather interested 🙂

    Noel Harrison

  4. Thanks, Let me know more about teens in tech and what you are doing as far as programming goes, and well then we can see what happens 🙂

    Noel Harrison

  5. Hello Daniel,

    I have checked my mail, and dont seem to see the information. I am using a IM client – GTalk or MSN ( or (

    Looking forward to getting your responses to the interview – you did get it right?

    Kind Regards,
    Noel Harrison

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